My Secret Agenda


"That was when Them There came back..."

My dirty secret is that I've been writing books - across several different publishers - that share a common background, and whose plots interconnect (though each, of course, can stand alone). This sneaky and underhand move is known as the Wildworld plot. It happened by accident at first; but the more I write, the more I have to tell...

With a contemporary setting, the premise of the Wildworld is that something has happened to cause all the old magics, buried and suppressed for centuries, to flood back into England. The elf-gates reopen and creatures of folklore emerge to haunt, enchant and prey upon the human race - who have few defences against this onslaught. Trolls lurk under bridges, witches infest the woods, and fairies both fair and foul toy with their mortal slaves. Rural areas rapidly revert to a deadly paganism, while the remnants of modern society barricade themselves in the cities where they have some measure of control. Society is falling apart.

If you're interested in exploring the Wildworld, these are the books involved:

Wildwood - erotic novel, Black Lace, pub. 2008 - This covers the trigger incident. Centuries ago the magus Merlin gathered all of England's magic into himself, and then he was imprisoned. But no bonds last forever, and when a battle between two modern magicians involves a young woman with a will all of her own, results are not what anybody expects.

Bear Skin - erotic novella, Black Lace, pub. 2008 - A human girl's life becomes entangled with the fate of one of the Fay, a bear-shifter named Arailt who is in deep deep trouble...

Named and Shamed - erotic novel, Sweetmeats Press, pub. 2012 - A quest takes intrepid human heroine Tansy from the beleaguered city of London to the darkest depths of the elf-realms. Whilst there she hears rumours that the Fay live in fear of a man known as The Pendragon, who seems to be moving against them.

Lovers' Wheel quartet - erotic novel in four parts, Ellora's Cave, pub 2014+ - Set before the return of the Wildworld, with all its delights and horrors, this deals with the emergence of The Pendragon from his imprisonment.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice - short story in Libidinous Zombie anthology, pub 2015 - This ties in to the Wildwood novel, as it offers a glimpse of what anti-hero Michael Deverick gets up to in London when Avril's not around. Not for the faint of heart!