Named and Shamed

XXX Erotica: Contemporary paranormal/fantasy: Fairy Tales: BDSM: HFN ending

Named and Shamed 2nd edition cover

"Fairy tales were always thought to be childhood fancies. That is until the fairy folk returned.

As the closest thing to an expert on all things otherworldly, nobody knows better than Tansy the dangers of Them There. But with the world thrown into chaos, and another’s life in her hands, she has no choice other than to accept a magical offer of help.

And as Tansy soon finds out, there is always a price to pay for dealing with the Fairies. A price that may include her own life, if she can't find the True Name she is looking for.

So begins a descent into the wildest realms of Faerie - and into the darkest depths of Tansy's own out-of-control desires."

“The most amazing book that has graced my e-book reader in a long time. 5/5 for story, 5/5 for kink” – BDSM Book Reviews

“From the vivid description, through the strong characterization, through to the plot that makes you stay awake into the early hours of the morning – Named and Shamed is one of the most fun reading experiences you will have this year” – Erotica Readers and Writers Association

"Warning: This is the hottest book you will read this year. Seriously. I am still in shock" - Cara Sutra

"I started reading this at 8am this morning and its now 1.30am. I seriously couldn't put this book down" - Gadget Girl Reviews

"An extraordinary and unique story ... Tansy is a brilliant character, reminiscent of both the tarot’s fool and the archetypal hero ... Because Tansy is so accepting, so receptive, so clearly enjoying her sexual adventures, she provides an interesting comfort zone for readers as they negotiate this wild and refreshing and uninhibited sexual terrain where anything, and I mean anything, is possible" - Oysters and Chocolate

"I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 10. I’m tempted to add a kink rating just for this book and would put this at 6 out of 5 (and no that wasn’t a typo)" - Books, Books and More Books

Reader Advisory: This book is no-holds-barred XXX erotica romp - including BDSM, watersports and dubious consent.

Named and Shamed cover NB: Sweetmeats Press closed in 2017 and rights to this book reverted. Named and Shamed was reprinted in late 2017 by Sinful Press. The original Sweetmeats Press paperback version of Named and Shamed includes B&W illustrations by John LeChatte - not present in all e-versions or the later, Sinful Press publication.