Lust in the Dust: an anthology of post-apocalyptic erotica

Lust in the Dust cover

It's the end of the world as we know it.

Peace and plenty are ideals now barely remembered. Everything we used to rely upon has crumbled away, and pleasure is something few can afford. Every joy has to be fought for. When all the trappings of a civilised life are taken away, all we can hope to truly call our own are our bodies and our hearts. In the ashes, we make alliances where we can, and find solace and humanity in unexpected places. And maybe even a little hope for the futureā€¦

Lust in the Dust brings together ten erotic short stories set in times and places where civilisation and the rule of law have crashed and burned. The aftermath of a terrible war, a zombie invasion, a cityscape over-run by nature, a medieval fortress. Wherever there is life, there is lust.


1: In Pursuit of the Millennium
S. Nano

2: Addicted to Disaster
Elizabeth Coldwell

3: First Contact
Raven Sky

4: Ring of Fire
Sommer Marsden

5: Virtual Insanity
Cara Thereon

6: Hollywood

7: Mourning Doves in Limbo
Gregory L. Norris

8: Better than Therapy
Nicole Wolfe

9: The Basque of the Red Death
Janine Ashbless

10: Checkout Girl
Quiet Ranger

"The ten stories in this consistently engaging anthology take readers through a broad range of mood and emotion, from the sardonic to the heartbreaking, the breezily tongue-in-cheek to bullet-in-the-brainpan serious. Each and every one of them is finely-crafted, thoughtfully conceived, and damn sexy to boot! Enthusiastically recommended." - Erotica For the Big Brain

"This is FUCKING AWESOME!" - Zak Jane Keir, Dirty Sexy Pages

"I loved it! If you want some excellent examples of what well-written erotica can be, look no further. These post-apocalyptic stories are imaginative, evocative, and engaging, and most have a great twist. Not always a comfortable one." - Ian Smith, Author of the "Merely Players" series