Divine Torment

Erotica: Swords 'n' sandals fantasy: Romantic HFN ending

Divine Torment cover, yes it's cheesy"In the ancient temple city of Mulhanabin, the Malia Shai awaits her destiny. Millions of people worship her, believing her to be the living incarnation of the goddess of destruction. However, she is very human, haunted by erotic passions that have no outlet. Into this sacred city comes General Veraine - the rugged leader of the occupying army. Intimate contact between Veraine and the Malia Shai is forbidden by every law of their hostile peoples. But she is the one thing he wants - and he will risk everything to have her.

A beautifully written story of opulent palaces, extreme rituals and sexy conquerors. "

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of nonsexual violence.

The story in this book continues in Burning Bright.

"Searing passion and mundane lust, unearthly wisdom and ordinary confusion, divine fate and mortal blindness" - Erotica Revealed

Japanese cover

Cover, Japanese edition