Bear Skin

Dark and dirty romance: Contemporary paranormal: Shifter Fairy-tale: BDSM: HEA ending

Based on the traditional fairy story 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon.'

Bear Skin is one of three novellas in this collection.

Enchanted cover"Three writers from Black Lace show you there's nothing childish about fairy tales. In Bear Skin Hazel is whisked away from her tedious job and humdrum life by the mysterious bear Arailt, to be his lover. The only problem is there is more to Arailt than meets the eye - much more! In The Three Riddles, the elves, they say, know the secrets of events - but the queen has no time for superstitions. As her kingdom crumbles, she longs for her lost love, but can she risk her country on a whim? Finally in The People in the Garden, strange things are happening in the grounds of Count and Countess Malinovsky's Gothic manor house. Local people tell of fairies, goblins and unnameable creatures, and there are stories about a ghostly girl with an uncanny resemblance to the decadent couple's beautiful servant Katia."

"This story hooked me in straight away. It's got everything in it: passion, hot sex, love, desire, evil beings and a moral. Hazel is just your average girl who gets a chance at true love but blows it by getting too wrapped up in superficial things and not keeping her word. When she realizes what she has done and that her actions have also hurt Arailt, to rectify it, she pays dearly to prove her love is true. Bear Skin is a very creative and unique story, which I felt veered off the beaten trail of the usual in the paranormal/fantasy and offered an interesting take on the 'true love is worth every sacrifice' theme." - Madame Butterfly

"Bear Skin is an XXX version of 'Beauty and the Beast' and most definitely not for the fainthearted. If you are willing to brave the beast, you might just find the love of a good man" - 4 STARS - Two Lips Reviews

"Bear Skin is provocative, sexy and downright out of this world ... Arailt is one grizzly I wouldn’t mind cuddling up to for a long time to come" - a DARK ANGEL RECOMMENDED READ - Dark Angel Reviews

"Janine Ashbless carries her readers into a remarkable tale that not only delights but sizzles with fervent passion. Bear Skin is an eye-opening read, with imagination and magic at its best. This is one cuddle bear that brings on the thrills ... I still have Bear Skin etched in my head, the story is so powerful" - Coffee Time Romance