Red Grow the Roses

Erotica: Contemporary paranormal: Dark fantasy/horror:

Red Grow the Roses cover"Blood lust and sexual desire; for vampires the two are inseparable.

There are six vampires in the city. Ageless, terrifyingly beautiful and always hungry - not just for blood but for the other pleasures the human body offers. Sadistic chanteuse Estelle; feckless Ben; Roisin, the mirror-ghost; Wakefield, haunted by his own damnation; Naylor, the most feral of them all. And Reynauld is the Good Shepherd, the one who holds them all in check. But his grip on his own humanity is fading, and when Wakefield accidentally kills a woman and Naylor gets the blame, a power-struggle erupts between the city's immortal undead.

Prepare to devour Red Grow the Roses, an explicit vampire erotica novel with plenty of bite."

Reader Advisory: This book is a mosaic novel - a novel told in the form of separate short stories

"Deeply erotic ... I thought I was done with the whole vampire thing, but Janine Ashbless writes compelling stories that explore the essence of human nature, even among the fanged. Two thumbs way up." - Erotica Revealed

"This is what vampires would really be like - savagely debauched, beautifully depraved, ferocious sex beasts. Excellent!" - Justine Elyot

"Janine Ashbless has taken the vampire myth and made it her own ... She’s a damn fine writer with the sort of style that flows along easily, making you perhaps forget how much skill it takes to produce. Red Grow the Roses is often discomfiting. The vamps treat humans as playthings to be used and discarded. They bicker amongst themselves and the book culminates in all-out nastiness between London’s six undead. But it’s also a book that draws you in and consumes you with the need to keep reading. You’ve been warned." - Tilly Hunter

"Janine Ashbless injects freshness and originality and the most eye-watering erotica scenes into the ever popular vampire genre" - Mischief Books