Cruel Enchantment

Janine's first collection of erotic short stories

Cruel Enchantment cover"Winged demonesses, otherworldly lovers and a dragon with an enormous sexual appetite collide with spoilt princesses, spell-weavers and wicked ancestors in Janine Ashbless's fantastic tales of lust and magic. Cruel Enchantment is a stunning collection of unique and breathtakingly beautiful erotic fairy tales. Seductive, dazzling and strange, with each story a journey into the marvellous realms of a fertile imagination, Cruel Enchantment is an erotic delight of a collection."


1: Loud Sing Cuckoo

2: The Dragon's Bride

3: Renaissance

4: The Temptation of St Gregory

5: The Fairest of Them All

6: Montague's Last Ride

7: Bodyguard

8: Sacrifices

9: Toil and Trouble

10: Captive Audience

11: White as Any Milk, Black as Any Silk

"This short story collection practically writhes on the page ... Firmly in the dark ages, yet ahead of its time, Cruel Enchantment is an erotic classic" - Reflection's Edge

"Normally I dislike erotica with these themes and find it so cheesy I can’t get away fast enough. Yet when I read her first collection Cruel Enchantment I couldn’t get enough. If you like geeky nerdy things that live in the fantasy/horror twilight *and* explicit sex that is somehow believable and unpredictable, you’ll love her collections as much as I do." - Violet Blue

"Janine Ashbless has an amazing writer's voice, and her gift of world building is second to none. Each story reads like you are right there, no matter what the setting or time period. My favorite story in this particular book is 'Renaissance,' a tale of a young merchant's wife afflicted with an unusual malady. She's sent to pray at a remote shrine to be cured of her illness, and discovers she's not alone - and that her illness isn't quite what she thought it to be. I also liked 'The Dragon's Bride,' a controversial story about a dragon who takes a human woman for a temporary mate - I found it to be clever and fresh. Sensitive readers might object to the darker theme presented in 'Montague's Last Ride,' so I recommend reading it last. Overall, Cruel Enchantment is a solid, well-written erotica collection filled with the beautiful and the bizarre. I can't think of a similar book that compares. For those who love fantasy erotica, this is a collection too hot to be missed." - Cora Zane