Erotica: Contemporary paranormal: Love triangle

Wildwood cover"Avril Shearing is a landscape gardener brought in to reclaim an overgrown woodland for the handsome and manipulative Michael Deverick. But among the trees lurks a tribe of environmental activists determined to stop anyone getting in, led by the enigmatic Ash who regards Michael as his mortal enemy. Avril soon discovers that on the Kester Estate nothing is as it seems. Creatures that belong in dreams or in nightmares emerge after dark to prowl the grounds, and hidden in the heart of the wood is something so important that people will kill, or die, for it. Ash and Michael become locked in a deadly battle for the Wildwood - and for Avril herself."

"Wildwood is a fantastic journey, full of hot steamy moments, sometimes with over-the-top sex, and enough mystery to keep you wanting more" - 4 STARS - Two Lips Reviews

"Filled with exceptional magic and mythology, and wonderfully written, I would call this one an adult fairytale ... This story had all the best ingredients for me and at the end I was saying 'no, no, I want to know what happens next!' - Saskia Walker

"Book summary: hot. I really liked this unique supernatural twist to the book. Many supernatural erotica runs along the same themes, but this was something completely different" - 5 STARS - Lucy Felthouse

"An erotic paranormal book that will knock your socks off. I loved every element of this story. Ms. Ashbless has created a story with sexy men, a woman who loves to have sex, and mystical, terrifying creatures that come out to play in the dark. The only disappointment was that this story ended too soon" - A Dark Angel Recommended Read - Dark Angel reviews