Dark Enchantment

Janine's second collection of erotic short stories

Dark Enchantment cover"Dark, sexy and erotic paranormal romance...

In the follow-up to her peerless first collection Cruel Enchantment, Janine Ashbless brings you more breathtaking tales of lust and magic, dark fantasy and even darker desires.An unearthly stranger who pursues a newlywed on her Mediterranean holiday, an opera production where emotions run out of control, and a ghost who wants one thing only from the descendant of her murderer are just three of the seductive and stylishly written stories that will tease, tempt and transport you to fantastic realms where dreams, fantasies - and nightmares - can come true."


1: Dishonour

2: Pique Dame
(contemporary paranormal)

3: And Their Flying Machines

4: Ruby Seeds
(contemporary mythological)

5: Cold Hands: Warm Heart

6: The Scent of Hawthorn

7: Chimaera
(contemporary paranormal)

8: Scratch

9: The Red Thread

10: Janissaries

11: Darkling I Listen

"This is without doubt the most erotic book this reviewer has ever had the pleasure to read. The author has put together a collection of eleven short stories which push the bounds of written erotica to heady new heights, her narrative prose is quite without compare. How one writer can produce story after story to such a very high standard is awesome - she puts other writers to shame. There are not enough superlatives to describe how I felt about this collection; sensual, sexy, erotic, by turns both dark and exciting, enticing, breathtaking. Believe me, if you love reading great erotic literature then you simply have to add this to your collection. Nothing else now compares." - TEN OUT OF TEN - Jade: the International Erotic Art and Literature Magazine

"Janine’s ‘Janissaries’ is wonderful. And ‘Cold Hands : Warm Heart’ from the same collection pretty much blew me away. An astonishing piece of fiction. Just perfect." - Kristina Lloyd

"I thought that Janine Ashbless had pushed the boundaries as far as she could go, in her collection of erotic stories, Cruel Enchantment. I was wrong. In Dark Enchantment this wonderful writer goes further ... From an ancient Minoan civilisation, Janine moves to the paranormal present day. From a past, rich with dryads, knights and deep woodlands, to a prosperous homestead, Janine’s stories are brimming with lust, sex, betrayal, and death, as she skilfully draws out our darkest fears and desires. Janine goes beyond mere fetish, exposing our fatal flaws and secrets. She takes our hidden fantasies, holds up the mirror, and reflects them back to us. We thought we were safe with our little depravities. The stories whisper the unspoken things; the obscenities we nurture, yet deny. Janine’s stories are cathartic and we are compelled to listen." - Billierosie

"A collection of paranormal erotic romance stories steeped in darkness and ignited by sexual tension. Each story is unique and completely fleshed out with intriguing characters and settings. Beginning with 'Dishonour', a tale told by a concubine and ending with 'Darkling, I Listen', the story of a woman falling in lust with Death, Dark Enchantment allures and entertains. Janine Ashbless creates one of a kind stories that suck the reader in and leaves them panting. Savor her story gems one at a time or devour the entire collection at one sitting but make sure you have someone close by to help put out the flames." - 5 STARS - Ecataromance

"Dark Enchantment doesn't disappoint on any score. The stories are by turns sexy and beautiful and cold and lovely and cruel and sweet. What more can I say? Buy this book. In fact, don't just buy this book. Buy Cruel Enchantment, too. You won't be sorry you did." - Charlotte Stein