The House of Dust

Dark and dirty romance: Historical fantasy: BDSM: HEA ending

Based on the Sumerian myth of the Goddess Inanna's descent into the Underworld (2000+ B.C.E.)

The House of Dust is one of three novellas in this collection.

Magic and Desire cover"The third BL paranormal novella collection. Three top authors writing three otherworldly short novels of fantasy and sorcery. Ill Met by Moonlight - Can it be possible that a handsome stranger met by moonlight is a mischievous fairy out to sample a taste of human love and passion? But what will happen when the magic witching month of May is over? The House of Dust - The King is dead. His priestess-consort Ishara must descend into the Underworld and brave its challenges in order to bring her lover back from the dead. The Dragon Lord - In the misty marshlands of Navarone, the Princess is being married. Her parents desperately hope this will cure her lustfulness and tendency to play with fire - she lights fires in the grate with her eyes, when no-one is looking and she is lustful in a land of rigid morality."

"In this mostly satisfying collection, three authors find pleasure in magical worlds of peril and passion. The best is Ashbless's "The House of Dust," set within the mysteries and grandeur of Sumerian civilization. Lady Ishara, priestess of Inanna, is privy to secrets that could destroy her beloved society. Cloaked in the power of her goddess, she sets out to restore justice. Ashbless brings the setting to glittering life and imbues the characters with power and love fit for any epic adventure." - Publishers Weekly

"Janine Ashbless blends love and lore wonderfully, making The House of Dust a beautiful read." - Two Lips Reviews

"I really enjoyed this story mainly because of the ideal in it. As Ishara goes through the Seven Gates, she is stripped one by one of all of what is false in her and ends up coming to the queen of the underworld with nothing but her pure love for Tamuz. She is used to being treated with the utmost respect and adoration, but then is debased non-stop until she is just her selfless essence, and I absolutely got turned on by this" - Madame Butterfly

"This story is darkness and pain. Ishara is subjected to multiple degrees of sexual degradation and pain. Ms. Ashbless gives her readers a walk on the dark side, and does a fabulous job doing it" - Coffee Time Romance