The Prison of the Angels

Book 3 of The Book of the Watchers

Dark romance/thriller: Contemporary paranormal: HEA ending

The Prison of the Angels cover

Then Uriel answered me, one of the holy angels who was with me, and said unto me: “Enoch, why hast thou such fear and affright?” And I answered: “Because of this fearful place, and because of the spectacle of the pain.” And he said unto me: “This place is the prison of the angels, and here they will be imprisoned for ever.” (The Book of Enoch 21)

"I thought I was a good girl. I thought that no matter what others did for my sake, I could stay innocent. I thought that as long as I acted out of love, I’d be blameless. I was wrong, wasn’t I?"

Milja Petak’s world has fallen apart.

Her lover, the fallen angel Azazel, has cast her aside in rage and disgust. The other contender for her heart, the Catholic priest Egan Kansky, was surrendered back into the hands of the shadowy Vatican organization, Vidimus, after sustaining life-threatening injuries.

She has killed and she has betrayed. She is alone, homeless, and at the end of her tether - torn apart by guilt and the love she has lost. But neither Heaven nor its terrifying representatives on Earth have finished with Milja. Both of her lovers need her in order to further their very different plans, and both passionately need her, though they may try to deny it.

Milja is once again forced into a series of choices as she uncovers the secrets Heaven has been guarding for centuries. But this time it is not just her heart at stake, or even the fate of a fallen angel. This time, the choices she make will change everything.

This time it’s the End of the World.

The Prison of the Angels is the third in the Book of the Watchers trilogy and the sequel to Cover Him With Darkness and In Bonds of the Earth.

"Big ideas are woven into the fabric of the tale with seamless craft, to seem as natural a part of the whole as the action-packed set pieces and steamy bedroom scenes... In The Prison of the Angels, as in the books that preceded it, Janine Ashbless has created an extraordinary new world, a “real realm of the spirit” that is a sheer pleasure to visit. - Erotica for the Big Brain

"The Prison of the Angels is the final part of the most amazing trilogy I have ever had the pleasure of reading — Janine Ashbless has created a dark and erotic world, one so beautifully drawn that it feels as if it might actually exist within our own... This entire series is something that will stay with you, and might, in some ways, even change the way you think about heaven and earth." - Kate Douglas, author

"I adore Janine Ashbless' Watchers series, and The Prison of the Angels is no exception. Like the previous two books, not only is it extraordinarily well researched, but beautifully written. The pacing, dialogue and characters all combine to create a modern classic that's impossible to put down." - Anna Sky, Sexy Little Pages

"Is there a Man Booker prize for paranormal erotica? Because if so, Janine Ashbless just nailed it... The final resolution was both surprising and ridiculously satisfying, in a heart-breaking, crying-over-my-Kindle sort of way. I wanted a lot of things out of this series. And I won’t say The Prison of the Angels met my ridiculously high expectations. Because, somewhere between sneaking through the Vatican’s secret chambers and skiing the mountains of Norway, The Prison of the Angels took those expectations and blew them out of the freaking water." - Samantha MacLeod, author

"This is a romance with a lot of super-heated steam and the darkest shadows you can imagine, and I think it’s a fantastic conclusion to a story which has built up a serious head of steam over the previous two books. In principle, this could be read as a stand-alone story, but I strongly encourage you to read the first two in the series. It’s imaginative, sweeping, full of twists and turns, and I genuinely had NO idea where Janine’s story was going right up until the end. She brings together myths from different cultures as well as archangels and angels who, being truly inhuman and created in a particular way, have a multitude of what we call human failings as well as unimaginable powers. Wow." - Ian Smith, author

"I truly thought that fantasy was not my thing. Janine totally converted me with her brilliant storytelling. I highly recommend you let her do the same to you." - Molly's Daily Kiss